I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday ...

... week 400 celebration!

This is so very far out of the norm for me but I wanted to do something special for today's 400th Abstract Thursday.  Thanks to Ingeborg for starting this wonderfully fun challenge and hosting it each and every week. BTW: there is a hidden "400" in here somewhere.  

So what is this ... you might be asking?  Our neighbor decorates her yard for every holiday and she still had her Valentine's Day things up. This is a banner that was on display in the side yard next to our driveway.   And I got my photo just in time as a short time later I looked out and she had switched everything over to St. Patrick's Day!  I've added a slight illustrator look and a twist to an otherwise boring photo. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day ... we were finally able to have our Valentine's Day date night.  I had made reservations for last Tuesday at a nice restaurant but we had to cancel because of our positive tests. I had rescheduled them for tonight and since we are both negative we were able to keep these reservations.  Yay! Dinner was delicious and well worth the wait.  

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