By samsticks


Today was exciting - we bought a new set of 2 sofas on a whim. Seems like when we have visitors in the future, we'll actually have somewhere to sit and be sociable (instead of all just sitting in a line on our current super-long sofa)! The fact that I even remotely consider this exciting news must be an indication that I'm getting old. Hey, I'm a dad, it was going to happen sooner or later!

Speaking of guests, today's blip was found on our outdoor table today. Neither Gina nor I are smokers, but we have this ashtray outside for people that do want to light up when they come to visit. The bad weather meant that I'd not been out there for a few days, and this had obviously missed the cleanup after the in-laws were here and just filled up with once pure rainwater. Not an attractive subject, but for some reason I was compelled to blip it. I like the shapes. Normally circles symbolise purity, but this one has been tainted with its contents. Rest assured, it has now been cleaned away and is ready to receive donations from future visitors.

Pretty gross really!

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