By Dakers

The Vintage Tractor ‘Model’.

I have always been fascinated by all sorts of miniature models. Our home is full of them. Cars, Railways, Aeroplanes, Buildings, Ships, Lighthouses, Architecture, etc, etc.

This particular ‘model’ tractor is crude. It is unbelievably crude. It is solid cast metal and is about 100 years old. And yet it takes pride of place as today’s Blipfoto. 

It belonged to Pat’s father, Victor Coelho. It is probably one of the few toys that he had as a child.

The wheels rotate. The steering wheel turns and the front axle should move in response. It does not and some day I will have to take it apart and sort out the linkage. It is held together by two screw bolts.

But that day will not be today.

Scotland play France in the six nations rugby today. I make no prophecy and we will watch the game.

Victor’s mother was French and Pat is a quarter French and three quarters Portuguese. She was born in California.

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