By CanCarrier

Oh. My. God

Sunday day walk. 

Meall Corranaich and Meall a'Choire Lèith. 

Up sparrow's fart, x18 out to pick up point. Whizzed up the road by Adrian. Parked at resevoir. Bit of a faff at the car, and then a clockwise route over two lovely munros. The first, Meall a'choirs Leith a round pudding of a hill. At the cairn we stood for ages looking at the 360 degree view of Scotland before us. Not a breath of wind, a bright sun, and good craic. 

After a sandwich and a chat with fellow travellers (a group of young men looking forward to the football) we took the ridge onto Meall Corranaich. A long ridge with stupendous views. And a field of compact snow for us to prove our micro-spikes on. By the time we reached the cairn we were all commenting on what a stupendous day it was. 

The walk off was fairly simple - just follow the fence posts. Only the last stretch was spoiled by mucky bog and the increasing conviction that we would be sucked to a mummifying death and only be found come Spring. 

But luckily we soon found the road and were whizzed home again. 

Home-made sandwiches, a found glove, microspikes and an amazing day out. 

Thanks guys!!

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