The ice fishers are out in force on the ponds around me.  It has been so cold, -5F this morning.  These new high tech fish houses always remind me of some creepy monster coming out of the ice.  Maybe I should have seen them as a warning.  When I came in from my studio I heard a rushing noise under the kitchen floor and I knew what it was, a burst water pipe!  I descended the stairs to see my cellar floor flooding!  I quickly called my crossroad neighbor and he and his son rushed right over.  The water turnoff for that pipe that leads to an outside faucet is inaccessible to me, but he reached it and disaster averted!  Phew! Luckily, this old farmhouse has a dirt floor and the water will drain out.  It will need fixing in the spring.

Gift#58: a superhero lives across the street.

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