Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Poor timing!

Saturday 25th February 2023                (backblip)

We got the timing for our walk all wrong!

We had only just set out when it began to drizzle ..... bummer!

Well we're out anyway so lets carry on & hope for the best!

It did stop for a while but as we were about half way 'up the road' we saw rain heading straight for us ..... we decided enough was enough & beat a hasty retreat home!

About 30 minutes after arriving home the sun came out & it was lovely! Grrr! Definitely poor timing on our part ... or maybe it was the weather that timed it wrong!

I only took two photos ..... this was the best!

This little Robin always greets us & hops down for the food we bring him & his mate. Today he was sheltering in the hedge ... wise bird!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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