If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Foiled again.

While we have been down here I have been trying to visit a certain reserve in the hope of seeing and photographing Willow Tits.  Yesterday I found no sign of the reserve today the road to it was closed.  So I headed for the reserve I visited yesterday when I arrived in the car park it was pouring down.  Oh well, I will have lunch and perhaps it will have dried up.  No such luck, so I headed back to the caravan with a lichen covered twig I had picked up.

I decided that my blip for today would be a macro of the lichen.  I have tentatively (tentatively because I am not yet terribly good at lichen identification) decided it is Physcia tenella.  As always if you can confirm or better still identify and tell me I am wrong please do so.

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