By Shutterup

Mid week monochrome

Always good to reduce a painting to black and white to see if the tones are correct and where you wanted to them to be.  I think I got it mostly right and how I wanted it.. although it may have been better a little lighter on the reed bed that is supposed to be sandwiched on the right between the river and the bank of trees on the hill behind. 
We had an old wood burning stove removed today in order to be able to replaster the walls around it and then to replace the stove later. Unfortunately in the process of relining the chimney they found copper heating pipes running straight through the chimney and the old liner was actually an aluminium gas lining and not safe in any case as it was a wood burning stove.. lummy!  What was an expensive job is now even more expensive.. but in the long run it may be saving us a pretty penny by us not being able to reroute the pipes and therefore rendering the chimney and the new stove illegal to install... 
Old properties always turn up the unexpected!  So.. now what to do with the fireplace?

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