By Dakers

Beyond The RBGE Boundary

On the west side of the Botanical Gardens is Inverleith Park. I sometimes have a stroll through this park to see the sights.

Apart from a Golden Retriever which was being goaded mercilessly by a Covid leading the poor dog a merry dance, I came across a rather derelict building and a small garden called The Sundial Garden.

The derelict building is shown in the main entry. It is obscured by shrubs and trees. When originally constructed it was built to a high quality standard. This is still apparent today. However, the tile roof has been replaced with a felt covering. The original gutters and downpipes have disappeared and it is surrounded by the detritus deposited by various people.

I suspect that this building was a convenience, although I doubt that it was for the public.

The extra shows the Sundial Gardens  adjacent to Inverleith Park. I discovered it today.

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