By Hanulli


This blip needs some explanations, because it is funny in German, but hardly to translate.
"Katerfrühstück" means the breakfast you' need to get over a serious hangover ("Kater"="tomcat"). I learned, that there are a lot of differences how different cultures handle a hangover. In Germany they either drink more alcohol or they eat fish and pickles
I found this tin with fish in mustard sauce. It is called "Katerfrühstück", but the sentence under the titel says: "It doesn't help, but it is tasty"  :-D

I'm not sure what my Hanullis chose against their hangover. I hope they are all okay again in the meantime :-D

Thank you carol_dunham for hosting Silly Saturday to remember admirer

Reminder: The tag for TiPS,  the stage for stories about the adventures of all kinds of tiny figures is TiPS2023. Share your creative entries with other lovers of tiny people  and have fun :-D

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