Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

Visiting Hours

Hamish didn’t seem very well on Thursday evening, and was much worse Friday morning. Our regular vet didn’t have any appointments open, and when I described his symptoms, recommended that we take him to the Animal Emergency Hospital, which we did immediately.

The scans and testing took about an hour and a half, as predicted, though it seemed a lot longer. The verdict was that he had heavy internal bleeding, and there was a possibility of cancer. We were both in a state of shock. After we signed all the waivers and paid a large sum of money, H went into surgery, and we drove home.

This time the wait was longer, but the report was a huge relief. Hamish’s spleen, which was enlarged, and the source of the bleeding, had been removed. Apparently, that’s not a big deal! None of the other organs had any sign of cancerous growth. We were told there was a possibility he might be able to come home today, but only if he started eating again. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so we went for a late afternoon visit. 

We were surprised and happy to see him walk into the visiting room. He was still sedated, but enjoyed being cuddled by both of us. We tried coaxing him to eat a few snacks, but he wasn’t interested, so we reluctantly left him again. We hope he gets hungry by tomorrow morning.

H is a small dog, but he has a large presence, and the house seems empty without it. 

Thanks to Cynthia for the photo.

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