Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Kvaloya, Norway

We did not go out for sunrise this morning as we expected it to be snowing this morning. In fact it was sunny and bright with blue skies, after snowing throughout the night, and it was very cold at about -6C. 

After breakfast we drove to a spot where there were beautiful reflections on the water on the island of Kvaloya. I got really cold there and had to go sit in the car once I was finished taking my photos, as today I struggled with frozen feet despite having the recommended Sorrel boots and warm socks. We moved around the water inlet stopping whenever we saw lovely reflections to photograph. One woman in our group slipped on the ice and twisted her knee, and then later slipped again and fell flat on her back. The icy conditions here are treacherous. By now the car temperature was saying -11C but as we drove on closer to Tromso it got back to around -7C. 

Lunch is a haphazard affair, most of us make sandwiches at breakfast which we take with us, and then we stop later to get a hot drink and snack. We planned to do this at the supermarket again - there are no cafes around here - but being a Sunday it was closed. Thankfully we found a garage which was open and also had a public loo. 

We went to another spot on Kvaloya to photograph the views from the beach, but the weather closed in and it started snowing again - see last extra. We saw a large sea otter scurry across the beach and into the water, too fast and the far away for anyone to get a photo of it. We packed up as it was snowing heavily but as we were about to depart it cleared with better light. So out came the cameras again! This continued until we finally left, I was in and out the car as the snow came down and then stopped. 

Tonight is our last night in Sommaroy. The restaurant in the hotel has a very small menu but excellent food so we are all planning what we will eat tonight as we know the menu off by heart! Last night I had reindeer which was lean and light, and so delicious. Tonight will probably be the halibut. 

No sunrise tomorrow so we will eat breakfast and then depart by 9am, stopping along the way for photos. It’s about a 5 hour journey to Senja where it is expected to be much colder…

Thank you for your interest in my trip and all the hearts and lovely comments. I have no down time to comment on journals at the moment, but I am enjoying your comments when I get a chance to read them.

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