wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg



I had TWO visitors from home today, although one technically lives in London now. But I could mention Chickenfeed and they both knew what I was talking about, so that counts.

Erica is back (I haven't blipped from yesterday yet, but she's back in Norwich for a few days) and Mez came for Eurovision, and to see us ;) This morning we went to church then planned to go to the coast for fish and chips and Norfolk coast-y-ness, but it didn't quite work out with Mez's home train time. Instead we went for a wander in Norwich, down to the Cathedral and along the river, before a quick Pimms at the Adam and Eve (oldest pub in Norwich) and a speedy walk back home to collect stuff. We then accidentally missed the bus to the train station (I misread the timetable), got a taxi, and got there just in time. Phew!

But before that the day was lovely with a picnic in the sunshine and gentle wandering around the area. We looked at the peregrines nesting on the Cathedral spire - the RSPB has telescopes set up to watch them, and admired Pull's Ferry and all the very Englishy houses around it. The sun was mostly shining, and it was almost a pleasant temperature. Rather nice really!

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