More London and going home

The sightseeing continued today.
Our final day in the big city.

Our flight to Amsterdam is at 20:05 so plenty of time in the city again.
After breakfast we went to Covent Garden first, then Piccadlly Circus and Harrods. After that we headed for the stadium of Chelsea FC. That happened to be very near Bas' hospital of 4 years ago. I wanted to see it again. A 5 minutes walk from the stadium to the Chelsea Westminster Hospital. From there on we went by the famous red bus to Victoria Station. Hyde Park corner was the last stop before we went to the hotel to collect our luggage.
Around 17:00 we stepped on the Elizabeth Line, via Canary Wharf to London City Airport.
The security checks all went smoothly, but once at the gate the troubles began. Both me and my sister were denied access to the plane. Why? That wasn't told to us. We had to step out of the line. The only thing a very unsympathetic woman told us was that we were offloaded from the plane. Our luggage as well. But we didn't check in any luggage. Well, anyway you're off loaded, step aside.

Of course the rest of the family stepped aside as well, and by the time it was the final boarding call, we were back at the desk and somehow we received new boardingpasses, with completely different seats. Instead or seat 21A I was put on 9F and Joke was assigned to 12C instead of 21F.
21A and F were taken by strangers.
A rather stressfull boarding procedure I must confess, during which we were treated very rudely.

The 40 minutes flight to Schiphol went well, and once back on the ground most of it was forgotten already. KLM better not send me a mail, with a survey of my experiences.  (But they they all know)

Around 01:00 am we arrived safely back home in Delfzijl, after a narrow escape at the ring road of Groningen.
By some weird maneuver of an inserting car on the right, I ended up at the left lane, where a German car came speeding towards me. 50km/hr was allowed because of roadwork, but this one was going at least a 100km/hr. In a split second I was back on the right lane, preferring to bang into that other car, instead of having that speedy German colliding into my trunk. None of that happened fortunately, at went well by inches. I can still hear tires squeaking, mine or the German ones, I don't know.
Bas, Daan and Annemarie all were asleep when this happened, but I woke them all up roughly with my steering. There must have been an angel on my shoulder.

Anyways, what a fantastic magical and musical city trip we had!!! Thank you London, thank you Harry Potter, thank you Agnetha, thank you Frida, thank you Bjorn and thank you Benny for these memorable days. Of course: Thank you Joke and thank you Peter as well.

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