Marking Time

By Libra

Mud, art and AI

I am pleased some of my mud paintings are being showcased with other artists in the Thistle GOSSIP Collective gallery.
I believe art should challenge us to think outside the box and hopefully my paintings will do just that.
My mud paintings are inspired by my early childhood growing up on a farm where I lived very close to nature and playing with earth was a natural daily occurrence.
Today I dig earth from our garden and M processes it (he used to be a chemist in another life) with water until it becomes like a thick paste and I use it to create mythological creatures.
Through my mud paintings, I hope to connect people to nature and remind them of the beauty of the natural world. To me, a painting is not just a piece of art- it is also tool for communication. It helps us to express our feelings and ideas in subtle ways.
( Written with the aid of ChatGPT, a chat bot, using artificial intelligence). 

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