By J0shua

In Between

Keeping my walking to a minium at present so blipping from around bus, ferry and train stops. So this is Circular Quay, something that I often blip, from above or the other side of the Harbour. Thought it was about time to do one front and centre. Circular Quay is primarily about the ferry terminals (Wharves). They have been here forever and even serve as the international cruise terminal (not visible but to the left). An very old historical photo of the quay.

So between the ferries you catch glimpses of the harbour, bridge, opera house and Luna Park (the very bright lights in background). For Sydney siders this is between wharf 3 & 4 (I was about to jump on a ferry to Mosman).

To the left Borrowdale is one of my favourite ferries part of the "first fleet" class and to the right the king of the "Freshwater" class - Freshwater. The first fleet class (8 in service) primarily do the smaller quicker inner harbour routes while the freshwater class (4) service the route to Manly

So a highly processed photo because... well I don't know. A gritty mono just seemed right

large tunnel vision between two sydney ferries

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