By ArcLight

All worth while

Slowly catching up after a trip to Oxford and I have just enough time this morning (Thursday) to do Tuesday's blip which is a collage of the Cotswold country town that is mostly Oxford....

I had a bit of a wander before my conference in Mansfield College (Bonavero Institute), but not before seeing my old friend with whom I had dinner yesterday briefly, plus a colleague (who used to work in Oxford) who was at another workshop and was staying in the same place.

Anyway, trekking down to (and back from) Oxford was entirely worthwhile. It was one of the best conferences I've been to, and probably the only one where the white men speaking, and in the audience, were a really small minority. I met some brilliant academics from other law schools as well as being able to say hello to some old friends as well. I came away with much food for thought, both for research and for pedagogy.

A pleasant conference dinner in the College and then back for another reasonably early night (although I didn't sleep well either night I was there, partly because it was too hot and mainly because of reasons).

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