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The Woodland Garden (Tuesday 7th March 2023)

Taking pictures in the garden on Tuesday I concentrated on the new plum blossom knowing that the snow forecast for the following day might cut short its bloom. I was surprised that clematis buds were appearing (in Extras) already.

Thursday 9.3.2023 (1249 hr)

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The Woodland Garden (March 2023) (Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston - Rocket '88 (recorded 5 March 1951, Memphis Recording Services, Memphis TN)
Jackie Brenston (vcl, ten sax) and his Delta Cats (actually Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm): Willie Kizart (gtr), Ike Turner (pno), Raymond Hill (ten sax), unknown (tr), Willie Sims (dr)
In the very first programme Iggy Pop prepared for BBC Radio 6 back in 2013 (recently re-broadcast) he played this single as being regarded as the first rock and roll record, though he did add that the drummer brought in for the session was playing shuffle drum patterns in the jazz style of the time, not rock and roll. Jackie Brenston was actually the sax player in Ike Turner's touring band and he sings the lead vocal on Rocket 88, written by Jackie Brenston and/or Ike Turner about an Oldsmobile Rocket Hydra-Matic 88, borrowing largely from Jimmy Liggins' 1948 recording Cadillac Boogie.

One year ago:
The Woodland Garden (Blackbird on feeders)

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