Reikes small life...

By Reike

"Gendering" when you have to write a text in German is such a pain. 

Imagine this: 
Student representative used to be "Schülervertreter" in German. 

These days, you cannot write it any more, as you have to take both male and female forms into account. So here we go, having to list all possible options: 
"Schülervertreter, Schülerinnenvertreter, Schülervertreterinnen und Schülerinnenvertreterinnen". 
All this instead of simply "Schülervertreter". 

Another option to shorten it would be to write: "Schüler/innenvertreter/innen" or maybe "Schüler*innenvertreter*innen". 

It is madness in my opinion. 

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