By rainbowsparklie

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My first photo shoot. Cloudwalker accompanied me through the streets of Newham as I captured many scenes and places for my final college course portfolio. It's so different to go out with another photographer and having to totally focus on looking for images and moments to capture.

I learnt so much from being with a pro and getting to use his kit. I'm not sure who was more nervous of letting me hold a monopod with a 300mm lens outside Upton Park Stadium. OMG!!! We covered loads of techniques whilst trying to get my A-Z of Newham including trying to get a Jubliee Line image whilst on a moving escalator and how to get Sir Robin to "look at my lens" as he was accosted by loads of mothers wanting him to hold their babies. In total I have 685 images from the day as I took an 'if in doubt click' approach - my focus ability with tremor make it all a tad tricky you see.

This blip is a moving DLR train near the Excel exhibition centre. It captures the movement of the train quite well I think, considering the fact that the electronic monorail style DLR train without a driver doesn't go that fast.

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