By ArachneToo


A neighbour, three doors up from me and two doors up from my next-door neighbour who is building at the same time as I am (the house on the left) has complained to the council about our monstrous builds. Mine is actually quite a bit smaller than I got planning permission for - I shortened the ground floor extension after getting permission when I realised the cost and the impact it would have on my very lovely next door neighbours on the other side (on the right, here). 

Now that the scaffolding is down I agree that these extensions look huge. My neighbour's is longer than I'd realised from the plans but it does give me some privacy and I will get used to it. The splay on my house means that the back is wider than other houses in the street and having pulled the ground floor back without pulling the first floor back to create the balcony that was in the original plan does make it look very blocky.

Today the planning people came round with their tape measures. The builders are meticulous and everything that has been done is within the limits of what we we allowed to do. Nothing needs changing.

And here, finally, are my bricks in situ!

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