By Shutterup


Freezing friday to be exact.  We didn't expect to wake up to another blizzard where we live.. but that is what we had!  In the end we were lucky it didn't amount to much lying around.  It was too much for the gardeners who were due to come today though so hopefully they will return in the spring.. next week!  The hedge cutters did turn up much to my surprise but they brought some sunshine and now the garden looks so much better for its haircut. not a moment too soon before the birds settle down to nest.  The only ones I have seen in the ivy so far have been the pigeons and I am pretty sure they were just gorging on the berries and not nesting yet.  
Husband had his ear specialist turn up early and now has an even more impressive hearing aid set to try out.. he has already commented on the noise his feet make on the floor in the kitchen!!  (Perhaps he really hasn't heard them for a while.. I mean I have heard of people not seeing their feet as easily as they get older/larger but I had never contemplated not hearing them!!)
My daughter seems to think she can get an allotment .. how very exciting!  She visited today and there are various plots available. The demand has clearly dropped off but she is full of enthusiasm and I look forward to joining her there to share my knowledge as she embarks on production!

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