Dereliction or Demolition

Not quite sure what this comes under. The old Council building in Barnstaple is now demolished, (see the extra I blipped last year before they started). In its place will be a block of retirement apartments for the over 60's to be completed for the spring of 2025.

Went down to take this image this morning, as rain was forecast this afternoon, it has arrived, and it was sunny this morning. When I came home I did some household chores and completed the ironing. I have just celebrated all my hard work (cough cough, splutter splutter) with a lovely mug of tea and a toasted and buttered hot X bun ;-)) 

Hope you have all had a good weekend. I am so looking forward to the new series on BBC1 Wild Isles, with David Attenborough. Should be really good. Thank you for dropping by and for your rewards and comments. Have a good week, stay safe and take care :-)

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