The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham

When the Boat

…………………………….comes in! See extra..Conformity arriving on the incoming tide this afternoon, as she was in ballast she didn’t need to wait for high tide. Another loaded vessel arrived in on the high tide about an hour or so later when I was cooking/eating tea.

Another quiet Sunday…L arrived this afternoon so we had a trip to the garden centre before taking a walk along the prom. It’s been a much milder day than of late which made for a very pleasant stroll.

My main blip is the local telephone box, I do hope I’ve no need to use it any time soon as it’s in a bit of a state! I’d noticed it the other day when out with the wee one so took the same route to the prom today.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday.

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