A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

On the Road

This morning we said goodbye to Christchurch and headed west. We didn't take a direct route but slightly north of the city via Cust and Oxford. We rejoined the SH73 near Springfield. It was quite a wet morning.

My main Blip has two landscapes that shows the difference 4 hours can make. The top is at Pippa's Pass looking over Lake Lyndon. As you can see we had very low cloud. The bottom pano is looking back towards Arthur's Pass in the afternoon. Earlier when we first passed through it was pouring with rain. There were times we thought we were in Scotland or Alaska! 

My extra is our accommodation tonight, totally different to our last 6 nights. I could use up all my extras trying to show this amazing place. It is stuffed full of stuff, I can't describe it any differently. We even have a 4 poster bed and Victorian plumbing in our ensuite including a decorative wc. 

I might find it hard to respond to your lovely comments whilst I'm on the road over the next few days. I'll will try and answer any direct questions when possible. 

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