By TheOttawacker

Morning trip the butcher

Realized, with horror, that the freezer was bare and the roast lamb I had promised our guests for Saturday was not where it should be. This can only mean one thing" a trip to the Butcher of Navan is called for.

Whereas most people I term butchers are of the medical or dental variety, this one is, well, a real butcher. In the semi-rural idyll of Navan, which is being turned into a semi-urban hellhole by the City council's planning department, resides Lavergne's... provider of perhaps the best meay I have had here in Canada (Alberta included). So off I went. I spent several hundred dollars stocking up - all placed on the trusty Visa card - and got back to find out that the previous day someone had been trying to put, unsuccessfully, thankfully, several thousand dollars on the self-same card. 

After a long conversation (preceded by the usual long Visa phone call wait), they stopped the card and promised to ship another one out to me ASAP. Life without a Visa card. Ask me in three days if it is still possible or not. (Personally, I suspect not.)

The restrt of the say was spent in silent rage at the types of bastard who try to hack credit cards. 

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