a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Frosty Finch

My plan to revisit the little owls didn't work out this morning.  The promised frosty early start turned out to be a hazy, misty and frosty early start which became quite overcast very quickly.  

Although I'd come prepared for the owls, they seemed disinclined to venture forth into the cold.  I could just see them peeping around the ivy, but it became clear that they weren't going to put on any sort of a show today.  If you have a look at the extra, you will see what I mean!

So instead, here's a Goldfinch looking for food in the frost just after dawn this morning.  I wasn't convinced that the long lens was going to be that useable with the 2x converter added to it, but much to my surprise it does turn out to be reasonably capable, although it pushes the aperture to f13 which is less than ideal.  I didn't hand hold this at 1/250s and the mono pod was essential.  

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