Strava Day 650. 

Did indoor yoga: Intentionally did not make an effort to record/self-time because it is "Abstract Thursday."

It's raining heavily here. T will surely check the Governor's announcement whether their classes have been suspended. Gramps will most probably work in his shop (his alternate activity to distance cycling and gardening). 
Featured photo is three mobile shots combined via Snapseed: a photo of our analog clock in our middle home's kitchen, a photo of Gramps' mural/woodwork and an old photo of myself in our Soldiers' Hills Village home shot after Recognition day which looks like how T "poses"/ 
smiles for photos these days: case in point . The subtle bokeh was added via Photoscape X. Time was intentionally captured as proof of _______ days of waking up early ala Jocko Willink . 

*B uses Lightroom mainly for post processing while am enjoying the features of Photoscape X --- even the free version is decent for my taste.

*Learned a new term from T yesterday. It is: noclip . 

*Grateful that both B and T share the same passion for online video games and that B is patient enough to deal with T's moods.

*Grateful that after ____ years, B and I understand each other's fitness goals and nutrition preference. 

*Grateful to live in a home/house built to last decades. 

*Tomorrow, B would need to go to a the nearest LTO (Land Transportation Office) and if T has classes, will be the one going back and forth from our home to the farthest classroom in Central School . 

Rain has simmered. Need to go prepare breakfast. Have a good one!

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