By earthdreamer

Hands with a life of their own

E and I took a trip to Dewsbury to do an event with some art and design students from Kirklees College around Offcumdens. It was a lot of fun.

Emma read a few poems. I had a selection of photographs on display. Primarily, though, the focus was on the challenges in the production of the book rather than on the content. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the creative process and the design decisions we had to make along the way. It was a reminder of how much thought was put into that side, and also how grateful we were to have a publisher (Fairacre Press) happy to go along with our ideas.

Whenever I see photographs of myself talking, I'm invariably amazed to see what my hands are doing. They have a life and language all of their own. I've no idea what they were saying at this point.

Thanks to Alison Brumwell for organising the event and for Oliver Boothroysd for the photograph.

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