Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Strike day 2/2

Slightly better attitude to learning from Will today although he still hasn't touched the art which sent him into near meltdown yesterday. We will have to tackle that at the weekend.

He refused to go to Scouts. Partly because he had been 'working all day' and partly because I don't think he wanted to get dressed and leave the house.

Carys had class in London but because of the RMT strike had to tube to High Barnet afterwards as our trains stopped before class finished. I was picking her up from there which was achieved despite her managing to leave her phone at home! Not the day to be unable to communicate.

Can anyone tell me what my plant is? I want to look up care instructions but the label has come off. I know I have to use rain water to water it not tap water but that's all I can remember!

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