By janescanlan

5 hours

I could only let myself have 5 hours sleep after finishing work and getting to bed at 7am. I have to be up early tomorrow so I had to force myself out of night mode. 
So up I got and went into my living to slide on my slippers. My right toes felt something velvety inside and I thought I might have left a sock or something in it.
Oh no I did not. 
I removed my foot (which I had not forced in thankfully) and a very docile mouse came out. Eek.
It sat and stared at me and I stared back. It was cute so I got a plastic tub and gently got it inside. It was still not very lively.
I took it to the park and released it. It just sat there on a dead leaf looking at me. I think it might have been unwell it was so docile. Anyway, I did my best and it certainly woke me up dealing with it.
I popped my mam's Mother's Day card in the post.
Then I packed. Tomorrow I am visiting Paris for a few days. I ended up in bed later than expected though. After losing their first couple of games GB managed a win at the World Baseball Classic. Excellent.

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