By Hillyblips

One, Two, Three, Four, Five ...

 ...once I caught a fish alive ... 

It was a one way passage I'm afraid with the point of no return here at this stage.  A nice snack for this female with her beak design  so aerodynamically efficient that the Japanese bullet trains are modelled to mimic it.

Dazzling metallic blue  plumage and lightning fast they can be spotted on the edges of ponds and rivers. This pair were starting a tunnel to make a nest chamber ready to breed as the male came in with mud on it's beak which is a sure sign.

Up at 3:00 and a long drive ahead of me I headed to a kingfisher hide in Lincolnshire. My fingers were crossed for decent weather which when looking at the weather apps didn't appear to be on the cards. In the event we had a dull day but punctuated with bursts of sunshine which made it glorious. 

The hide was really well set up and the kingfisher pair came in fishing and tweeting to each other though the male wasn't bringing her gifts within our  sight but they could possibly have been mating up on the roof which wasn't helpful.

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