Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Looking at Art

We stole Fiona this afternoon for an art date.   Thought she might like the Katherine Bradford paintings at the Frye (she didn’t…much) and then there was an exhibit of Fyre paintings curated by a group that arranged  them in 3s. see HERE. Apparently the average person looks at a piece of art in a museum for 15-20 seconds so the challenge was to look at one for 5 minutes.  Which we did.  Upper left.  Double portraits.   And we picked some other groups of 3 to try to figure out the connections…. Look at the 2 pictures on the bottom of this collage…it’s opposite sides of the little room.   Always loved this chair.

Then we hung out at home, played a visual card game and drew pictures , switching them back and forth for 2 minutes, she made a collage, saw a few minutes of basketball and went out and picked up fish and chips. (extra)   It’s always nice to see her but hard to do something she loves. 
She loves musicals., but she’s willing to look at art once in a while.   She'll stash it away somewhere.   

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