By Greenstead

Busy Saturday

I knew it was going to be busy today as I started off with a walk into town for some shopping, but also one of my friends here was running a table top sale in the Cornerstone Church Hall. I had donated a few items and lent her a clothes rack to help her display the goods. They seemed to have a good turnout and I hope they made lots of money for their charities.
Home for lunch and then off to Kendal to collect my new glasses for both me and Mr D. I find it annoying that even with reduced vision I still need a full prescription for my lenses or my vision would be worse. It is interesting that I am currently reading a book about the Brontes that talks about how bad Charlotte’s eyesight was. So bad that she was excused from playing sports at school. Just as well you don’t need good eyesight to write great books!
Brutus is my blip star, and I couldn’t resist these beautiful daffodils while I was shopping.

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