By hazelh

Wombled Mother's Day card

We don't celebrate Mother's Day in my family. This used to cause confusion when my sisters and I were at primary school, largely because we never knew whether we should deliver the cards that we made in class to our mother. It seems that we were right to hand them over because I found this one when I was at my mother's house a few weeks ago. I (re)gave it to my mother with a big hug this morning, and now it is proudly displayed by the sitting room window.

Now that the weather has warmed up a little, I have been able to spend nearly all day outside. Our yarden is looking a lot smarter, I have planted some seed potatoes, and replenished the herb garden. Mr hazelh joined in this morning. He hunted down wild garlic and removed moss from the lawn. I'm looking forward to a sit-down this evening.

Exercise today: gardening.

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