Abstract: Ice Smile

No, we do not have a cat. However, we do keep a water bowl on the front porch for the neighbors' cat, who visits frequently. He now has a scratching post there too, per my husband's request, but the cat would apparently still rather scratch his claws on my husband's car's tires in the driveway.

The temp was around 20 degrees F or so when we woke up in the morning, but it was too windy for frozen bubbles. But the cat's water bowl on the porch was frozen, and my husband brought it inside for me to play with the ice.

I put the ice on a plate and took some photos with the lights on, and then I took some with the lights off. I used a flashlight, and I shone it through a prism to get some good colors in it. In this shot, you can see some shades of pink and purple. I almost thought it looked like teeth, and a smile.

Sort of like the Cheshire cat, eh?
All that's left is the smile!

My soundtrack song is Asia, with The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

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