God comes to Stirling!

God comes top Stirling! Well three guys claiming to be messengers of God all the way from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania stood in the centre of Stirling today and preached.

I am not sure which branch of the Christian faith they represented but there was an awful lot of talk about the devil, and damnation.

Now we are not used to this kind of thing in Stirling so the good citizens of this town were somewhat bemused, startled to find themselves hectored in this manner.

And the police took a keen interest too . They hassled the preachers threatening to lock them up. Now street preaching is normal in big cities. But not in Stirling.

One young girl jumped up with a placard, which she had just made:
"There is no God. Chill out."

Folk grabbed their mobiles and photographed her.
It started a dialogue, well if you can call it that, with middle-aged women shouting abuse at the three American men.

I bet they thought they were coming to Stirling for a quiet day in a beautiful bit of Scotland.

Instead they got hounded out of town.
Oh dear!

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