By sp33dway

FiveFingers part 2

My second pair of Vibram FiveFingers arrived today, so I took 'em out for a legspin tonight after I wrapped up some branding work and they felt AMAZEBALLS. The first pair I got last September are still ok and currently on the 600k mark with a few hundred left in 'em yet, but being new to them then and taking some time to transition to them properly, the lining has worn inside and the sole worn a little bit down in places enough to be noticeable to the soles of my feet when pounding on eaten-up pavements or roads for half marathon distance, so I thought I'd keep those for shorter runs and use the new pair for long ones now I'm actually capable of doing long ones.

We travel up to Edinburgh on Friday ready for the Half Marathon on the 26th (staying there for a few days thanks to the bed-place organising-hand from mr wingpig), so they've arrived just in time. Being like a second skin and causing no blistering whatsoever (I wear injinji toe socks with them too which may help with that) they shouldn't pose the usual problem of running them in as is the case with normal running shoes but I still want to break their virgin toe-stitching in a little bit, so the days between now and then should be plenty of time.

Oh. Monumental moment: I ran 20k on Sunday without stopping :)

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