a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Great Tit

I seem to be in a bit of limbo of the moment.  I'm still waiting to be able to register Dad's death, and while there's loads to do, I can't really get on with any of it until the GP and the Registrar do their bits. There's some bit of my character that means that its hard for me to concentrate on other things because I know that there are all those jobs that need doing, I just want to get on and do them.

Still, a trip to Southmead Hospital for the Drug Trial Clinic this morning threw up some positive news.  It seems that the drug is getting its license  in the States and, at the end of the double blind trial that I'm involved in, I will be given the chance to move to the new open trial.  In other words, I will be given the choice of continuing to take the drug (or if I'm on the placebo starting on the drug) - all of which is very positive.

Also positive - many of Cathy's friends, but this time with Covid which seems to be ripping through the country again, as far as I can tell.  Cathy is now feeling a little under the weather, so I guess that it's just a question of time before we both have it again. Still, at least the current variant is much less dangerous than the earlier variants.

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