Tiny Tuesday ...

... flowers.  And a bee.

Today was absolutely gorgeous so we were able to get out for a lunchtime walk at Housenick Memorial park.  We have noticed on previous walks that there are lots of tiny flowers blooming everywhere.  And today there were lots of bees, too!  Lucky me!   Thanks to cathy1947 for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

When we got home from our walk I sat outside to enjoy more sunshine and photograph the squirrels and chipmunks.  The squirrels were not cooperating but there were a couple of chipmunks running about.  For fun and giggles I laid prone on the deck with some peanuts in my outstretched hand to see if I could get one the chippies to take a peanut.  And she did!!! The Extra photo shows the outcome of my endeavor. 

(Incidentally the coil you see on my ring is a spacer and helps keep my ring from slipping off.  The last time I had it sized the jeweler was over zealous on the sizing and it's a bit too big.)

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