The second half of life..

By twigs

Pakawau sunrise......

So much for "I'm going to Golden bay with a good book......"

I forgot to pack my book :(

I also forgot to pack my spare camera batteries and my battery charger! For a while it was touch and go but I survived. Funny how I've decided to blip one of the early pics I shot today then.

With no book to read I headed to bed very early. I woke early too - 2.00am and wide awake!! Managed to get back to sleep (hunkered down under 2 duvets and with my hot water bottle - it was a very cold night!) but woke again before sunrise. As I stood outside on the deck I glanced out to see this V formation of (geese??) low over the water and heading over to Farewell Spit. I guess they'll be heading north for some warm weather. Farewell Spit is like the Heathrow of the NZ bird world - they all seem to pass through the departure gates here as they leave the country for their winter getaways.

Lucky I had my camera in my hand, even at that early hour.

Back to work tomorrow - but I'd rather be in a cold cabin in Golden Bay with my camera and no book ;)

Backblipped yesterday too.

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