Northern Star

By Lifferz

Finnish mix

The hotel breakfast have been very generous but by the end of the holiday I was struggling to eat much even though I’d have a big breakfast and then skip lunch.

This is the last meal I had at the hotel before leaving for the airport. It consists of blueberry juice which is a big thing in Finland, Apple donuts and pickled fish. I suspect most people couldn’t stomach putting these things on the same plate.

I’ve been loving chia seed pudding with my yoghurt. MrH says it looks like frogspawn and tastes of wallpaper paste! It’s very good for you and I’m going to try and make some at home.

I decided to take the public bus back to the airport as there is a mass train strike on currently and it was potentially more interesting than getting a taxi which would likely race me back. I was glad with the decision as there were many stops on the way through residential areas and I love people watching. In Finland the children walk around very freely to and from home. It amazes me to see young children who look about 6 just wandering home on their own. It also mazes me watching how much some people love playing in the snow when they must be a bit fed up of it by now.

When we boarded the big A350 to take us home we had to go to an area on the runway where the plane was de-iced with something that looked like gallons of tango! Two guys in tall crane cabins on wheels were just dosing the wings like crazy. It’s been snowing today lightly, all day but not feeling icy cold as such.

When we flew over London I felt very low to the ground over the tall pagoda type structure in Kew Gardens and I saw it very clearly

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