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By HarlingDarling

Back to big winter

I slept eventually, but there was too much sitting still yesterday, I always do better if there has been some action during the day - apparently a session of tai chi is just not enough! The marjoram essential oil came out of retirement and I nodded off holding the bottle under my nose!

Up at the usual time though, so it was a short night. This vision of loveliness was what greeted my sleepy eyes, heaps and heaps of snow! Sadly very heavy as it was on freezing, but how wonderful to live in a white world for a while. I enjoy observing the washing line in particular!

I have been really enjoying the "Mother, Missing" book and will finish it tonight. It revolves around a year of a daughter's grieving after the untimely death of a mother. I can relate on a lot of levels, being just 21 when my Mum died of cancer - far too early for her children, far too early for my Dad too. Anyhow, I'm following the daughter's progress with interest and sometimes recognition. (I object to Joyce Carol Oates using the word stolid, three times in 2 pages - it jarred in an otherwise flowing narrative)

I was drawing this morning, we listened to a podcast, read about the Liar-in-Chief and his disgraceful behaviour when being interviewed by his peers. Such an arrogant and deeply unattractive person - he should never have been in public life at all, his brand of selfish entitlement would find a happy home in some quarters but not "serving his country" in politics. Rant? I could go on....

We spent some time digging out steps to Betty's, the cellar (washing to be done, Keith was laundry-man today) and round the front door. Rikard came by late afternoon when the snow had more or less stopped. I'm guessing this new stuff will be sloppy and melting in town, but we have winter once more! 

We should be having soup and conversation on Saturday, but Karin and I have said we don't want to be responsible for it, but to go along and help. The board were supposed to take over but it seems like this has been forgotten or not given priority. I will wait and see how the pieces fall, and have another think if it comes to a grinding halt. We could just meet for fika, it isn't the food that makes the gathering so useful, even if it's lovely to share nourishment.

I have used some of my waking hours to familiarise myself with Portuguese (thanks to Duolingo) but (as usual) verb endings are my downfall, and pronunciation is my forte. Early days, and I am prepared to be persistent - also it's fun! Tai Chi will be coming up shortly - what a joy it is to have hours of time to myself, to choose how to spend it without external demands. 

There is serious discussion of a four day working week at the moment, something that has been trialed all over the place and found to be beneficial to companies as well as to employees. I really hope it is an idea whose time has finally come, far too many people are working in ways that are not sustainable over time, there is real suffering in working life, from the precarious gig economy all the way through to senior managerial positions. Too much stress, too little delight, too few opportunities for real creativity in or out of work. Fingers crossed that a 4 day week comes to pass! Combined with affordable child-care whilst we're at it!

This evening we are promised a fabulous show of the northern lights .... but we are under thick cloud and will see not a glimpse of the majesty. Ah well, perhaps YOU will see it?

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