Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Eastern Carpenter Bee

These are carpenter bees. It's entirely possible that one is male and the other female, but I can't really be sure. They were trying to get into this rather sad looking fancy daffodil. The daffodils that bloom later - the ones I have purchased and planted over the years - did not do all that well when we had a few hard freezes last week. They look a bit limp. The old-fashioned daffs, that have been here since well before we were, are totally unfazed by freezing and snow or whatever happens in early spring.

It is not freezing today. Today it is - as I type at 4:30 PM - 86 freaking degrees (30 C) in the SHADE. Dear me. Tomorrow it's supposed to be cooler, and maybe rainy. We could actually use some rain.

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