By AnnieBelle

A machine

Sydney Park is the site of a former brickworks, hence the heritage protected chimneys and kilns which have featured in some of my blips. The Brickworks owes its success to the owner's investing in steam powered machinery in the late 19th century.

A feature of the park is the presence and heritage protection of two major pieces of heavy machinery. One of these I am almost certain is a pug mill which essentially is a giant mixmaster for homogenising dug up clay. The other looks a lot like Thomas the Tank Engine. Looking into its round face end you would see something like the photo in my blip. A possibility is that following homogenisation of the clay, it was extruded into measured amounts for the making of individual bricks. I look at these holes and they remind me of a mincing machine.

I will research further in the hope of resolving this machinery mystery.

Thanks for hosting Widwed so frequently, Bob

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