By Fuentes3

San Bartolomé, Nava

The romanesque church of San Bartolomé, Nava, is no more. It was destroyed in 1934, in the time of the Asturian Rebellion which provided the run-up to the Spanish Civil War. The modern and functional church that has replaced it doesn´t have any romanesque interest. But there is a reference to the former church that says that at the time of the destruction a number of romanesque artefacts were rescued and moved to the municipal cemetery. 
Well, they´re not labelled anywhere, and there wasn´t any obvious explanation, but these may be them. 
The lion is one of two, probably carved by someone who´d never seen even a photo of a lion, stationed either side of the main gate. The first extra is a pre-romanesque window, with a perhaps rather grotesque little figure underneath it; and the second extra is - well, a window... I´ve no idea how to date it. Both those windows are located on a small chapel in the cemetery. 
I also found a small medieval bridge in Nava, which I´ll use to backfill on March 24th, a date I missed recently. 

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