Spoor of the Bookworm

By Bookworm1962

Corridors of power

The jumbled shapes of the town's civic administrative centre.

Even more jumbled and confused is my memory and detachment from the world and its little details such as the date, the day of the week, the century... Evidence of this was all too obvious at an event recently held in the cross between a Celtic round house and a Gerry Anderson UFO to the left of the picture (the civic hall). I was invited to attend here a couple of weeks ago to watch one of my oldest friends (fellow Scot, best man at my wedding, father of my god-daughter etc etc) Axel be elected as the Mayor. Being there was really important to me, wild horses and natural disasters could not have kept me away...but my utter confusion could! I lost track of which day of the week I was living through and didn't realise until the following day, when pictures appeared on my facebook page, that I had completely missed it....Merde! :(

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