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The afters

… [continued from pervious blip] … the clocks moved forward for summer time last night. That meant that what would have been a rather late finish  to the 60th birthday party we were at ended up being even later than it seemed by the time we left Peacocks  Bar & Lounge in Swords. This blip is time-stamped at 2:33 am. It was really farewell rather than welcome in this case as we passed by the bar and made out way down to the car park. "Will you come back to the house?" Declan, the 60th-birthday-girl's husband, had asked as we were getting ready to leave. "Sure why not", we answered. Fortunately, a designated driver was on hand to act as chauffeur and back we went. To the house.

There was complicated sorting-out to be done to ferry the privileged invitees to the after-party, but I guess there were nine of us adults there apart from Declan and Trish whose house it was (as well as two young children, the offspring of two of the other guests – the children and their dad (our driver) were exiled to the front room while the rest of us congregated in the kitchen). Pizzas were produced, as were a glass or two of party beverages. The crack was mighty as they say, and remained mighty until things finally broke up, we called a taxi, and got back to my place around 5:00 am (new time).

Will we ever learn? Probably not. It was great party, though. It's been a long time since we've experienced its like.

The extra (apologies for the poor photo quality) was hanging on the kitchen wall beside the table we special guests were sitting round. This is typical of Declan, our host,

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