Give Blood. It's Good.

3 months had come round quite fast & we were off giving blood once more.

Our donation didn't go without incident. Jenny's blood didn't sink in the blue liquid quick enough in the iron test, so a second, more painful (only joking, she loves the whole thing), blood test had to be taken, hence the double arm patches.

After which, our day of guzzling water & keeping energies up was rewarded with chocolate bourbons & custard creams. Whilst we were sat there, further drama unfolded when some smartly dressed, bald gentleman (it's all about the details) slumped in his chair, much to the shock of his son particularly, who'd just walked in & sat down next to him - he'd fainted we think. The team of helpful nurses & murses were quick to respond & very attentive, & the man was taken good care of.

Now before we leave, let's take a look at the BD (Blood Donation) Stats Board - the scores stand at Me 3 v Jenny 12.

I'm getting close.

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