Lesley's day by day

By lesleydiack

End of a conference!

Had a great conference at Cardiff and just what was needed was a Gin and tonic to send me on my way to Bristol. Lovely Tanqueray gin in a great glass as well.

Tanqueray is a brand of British gin produced by Diageo plc and marketed world-wide. Although it originated in England, it is now produced in Scotland. It does not command a sizeable market share in its native market, its largest market being North America, where it is the highest selling gin import, followed by southern Europe.

Tanqueray is a London dry gin; it is so called because of its distillation process, as well as originating in Bloomsbury, London. London dry gin is made by means of double distillation of grain. Botanicals are added during the second distillation. The recipe is a closely guarded trade secret, although it is known to contain four botanicals. It sells roughly 2 million 9 litre cases every year - and not all to me - in fact none to me as I didn't realise it was a Scottish gin or I would have added it to my collection.

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